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 Wallbox Myenergi Zappi 2H22TBT incl.

Hub 22 kW, type 2, app-enabled, cable 6.5m

• Compatible with PV and small wind systems
• Ethernet port and integrated hub for internet connection
• Stand-alone solution with dynamic load management
• Management of the wallbox via app
• FI Type-A + DC residual current sensor integrated
• Detects household electricity consumption without additional devices
• Also compatible with battery storage systems
• Low power tariff configuration possible
• Features load and event logging
• Dynamic charging between 1.4kW and 22kW
• With PIN code lock function
• Can be combined with up to 6 devices
• LCD display with backlight
Max. charging power: 22 kW
Cable length: 6.5 m
Equipment: App control, PV excess charging
further product information:
Connection: Type 2
Rated current up to: 32 A
Rated voltage: 3-phase 400V
Interface: WiFi
Authorization: Pin Code, Myenergi App
Load management: yes, automatic load distribution across up to 6 wallboxes
Protection class: IP65 (weather-resistant)
Dimensions: (HxWxD) 43.9 x 28.2 x 12.2 mm
Delivery: incl. 6.5 m charging cable with type 2 plug with protective cap, wall mounting material, current transformer clip
Other: Zappi detects when your solar system is currently producing more electricity than is needed in the house. Instead of feeding the excess energy into the grid, zappi uses it to charge your electric car cost-effectively and in a climate-neutral manner. Zappi does not have any interfaces and therefore fits every solar system, every inverter and every battery storage system. All devices with a connection value of 400V or more have a suitable high-voltage connection operate and may only be connected by a qualified electrician.

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