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Installieren von Solarmodulen


KOSTAL hybrid inverters – the all-rounders always fit

If efficiency and performance are required, then KOSTAL hybrid inverters are the perfect choice. The PIKO MP plus for small systems or if you need more power, the PLENTICORE plus - our hybrid inverters have repeatedly received awards for their efficiency and impress with the usual KOSTAL quality in every device. The PLENTICORE plus achieved several top rankings in the large electricity storage inspection of the HTW Berlin in combination with the BYD Battery Box.

Suitable for every PV system – from private homes to commercial premises – KOSTAL’s hybrid inverters offer an enormous range of application options. From the direct use of solar power to the energy supply for electric cars.

Generate electricity and use it smartly with KOSTAL solar inverters

The solar inverters from KOSTAL are the heart of every solar system, because they only make the solar energy generated by the modules usable by converting it into standard alternating current.

Thanks to their wide product range in different performance segments, KOSTAL solar inverters offer the right solution for every need.

KOSTAL battery inverter – install storage and use solar power yourself around the clock

Pure battery inverters are particularly worthwhile for those who already have a photovoltaic system or want to set up a storage system independent of the PV system. They are simply connected to the AC grid parallel to the PV system, and the distribution is supplemented with the intelligent KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter. From then on, the intelligent control software takes over: the storage is automatically charged with excess solar energy and discharged accordingly when additional energy is required. With the help of a PV battery, self-consumption can be significantly increased because the solar energy generated during the day can be temporarily stored and used even after sunset. With the PLENTICORE BI, KOSTAL offers a battery inverter with the highest efficiency. The PIKO MP plus, intended for single-phase mains connection, can also be used as a battery inverter with suitable accessories. Here, too, you benefit from our award-winning system expertise with particularly high efficiency.

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