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6mm Ultra Thin  S m a rt H o m e Magnetic Led Track Lights System for Stretch Ceiling track and field


 Smart LED Track Lights

Light Body Color: Black & White
Light Body Material: Aluminium
Color temperature: 3000k~00k Dimming
Connection Way: Tuya / Zigbee / Google Home / Amazon Alexa

⭐Surface Mounted Track
Track Length: Usually 0.5m/1m
(If you need 1.5m/2m/3m, please feel free to contact customer service)
There are five types of connections that can be spliced freely.
⭐About Power
Input Voltage: Usually AC 220V
(If you need other voltage, such as AC 85~240V, please feel free to contact customer service.)
*The track lights require the power supply in the link to convert the voltage of 220V to 48V, which is also installed on the track.


Body Color
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